Yuichiro Matsumoto

As the creative director of Matsumoto Monooki, which started in 2014, he does all the planning and design of the exhibition hall from the product design, concept, website and online store. He is also a designer for Matsumoto Apparel. Based on the concept of New Japanese Monooki, Matsumoto is one of the most popular Monooki makers at present, with the first triangular roof in Japan and a one-color design. Received the Excellence Award at the 20th Courageous Management Awards sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, we donate 1% of the sales of the Matsumoto Monooki to the Japanese Red Cross Society every year. He is the CEO of Fuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. His favorite foods are sekihan, inarisan, and red bean paste.

Creative Director

Product Design

Website / OnlineStore Design

Matsumoto Apparel

Another Design

Award / Mediaa

Exhibition Hall Design